The Natural Landscape's
10 Steps to a Life-long Pool Installation

Step 1: Design and layout

  • Integrate pool and landscape designs with the objective of funtionality, unity and overall aesthetics.

Step 2: Excavation

  • Dig with extreme caution within the tightest tolerances to ensure undisturbed foundation for pool
  • Add up to 1' of crushed stone to the floor

Step 3: Rebar install

  • Install 3/8" rebar 10" on center... not 12" on center as required by code

Step 4: Plumbing and Lighting

  • Install skimmers, drains, light niche. Extra drain is added for future reserve. Autoflow device is installed to always ensure proper water level.

Step 5: Gunite and/or concrete

  • Install shell with highest psi and stongest mixes to a consistency of at least 8" of material on the floor and 10" on the walls. Install concrete pad for pool equipment.

Step 6: Install conduits and pool plumbing

  • Install all electrical and pool plumbing. Backfill with proper material and compaction to prolong life of plumbing and decking.

Step 7: Coping and tile

  • Set coping and frost-proof tile using care and reference to spacing to eliminate noticible inconsistencies of pattern

Step 8: Install pool decking

  • Use adequate base and techinqe and material to ensure extended longevity

Step 9 Plaster and fill with water

  • Apply proper bonding coat to assure proper adhesion of plaster. Apply plaster with skilled crew large enough to ensure the highest quality of presentation and finish. Fill with water as quickly as possible to properly cure plaster.

Step 10

  • Install landscaping, fencing and enjoy your new pool!
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