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The fastest way to move snow with skidsteers, compact loaders and tractors!

The SnowWolf Advantage:

  • Pick up and drop off the FastTach in seconds without leaving the cab!
  • Combine angle plowing and snow pushing in one smooth operation!
  • Innovative “Keyhole” design allows the operator to pick up and drop off unit using boom movement, and keeps unit locked while in use.
  • No moving parts, hydraulics, electronics or pins!
  • The best of both worlds…an angle blade and a snow pusher all in one!
  • Available for Ultra 96, 108 and 120 (8′, 9′ and 10′) and Alpha Series.
The SnowWolf system picks up and drop off the unit in seconds, without leaving the cab - no pins, bolts or hinges. Combine angle plowing and snow pushing into one fast and seamless operation.

You also retain the ability to angle plow and manuever large quantities of snow to a precise location using the plow hydraulics. These are big advantages over non trip-edge snow pushers.

Don't mess around with aftermarket bolt on, or pin on wings. It is difficult and frustrating to constantly switch back and forth.
Pictures of SnowWolf Equipment

The entire SnowWolf system is backed by a 2 year warranty.